Established in the early 60’s in Sassuolo, in the most important ceramic district of Italy, Giacobazzi has always stood out for its ability to carry out internally the whole production cycle of parquet and wallcovering: from the drying, to the processing, and to the finishing, which is realized using the best materials

Four generations that over the years have mastered the wood processing techniques, and the knowledge of its changeable natural characteristics.

The search for the best raw materials, the craftmanship, the industrial production volumes, the quick response time, and an increasing attention to design, have led the company to cooperate with renowned architects and interior designers who search for a unique product in terms of quality, customization and style.

Eighty years of experience in wood processing allow Giacobazzi to look ahead to the future with self-awareness, curiosity, and with a clear aesthetic target: to make beauty concrete in our daily life.

The long history based on love for wood, experimentation and search for tree species, have created a new language that nowadays expresses itself through shades, shapes, textures, and feelings. A language that does not talk anymore about floors only, but also about coverings extended on different sizes and volumes: from boiserie to ceramics, from natural pigments to digital printing process.